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5 semesters / 90 ECTS
Academic Degree
Master of Arts (MA)
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The university course “Art Therapy” at Sigmund Freud University Vienna lasts 5 semesters (90 ECTS) and concludes with a Master of Arts (MA). This is a part-time course which is offered on a scientific basis with a practice-oriented perspective. The course language is German.

Who is the course for?

Art therapy is an independent therapy method in the social-preventive and rehabilitative, as well as in the clinical-psychological and psychotherapeutic fields.
The method seeks to mirror inner forms of experience in a visual medium, for example a picture, a sculpture and or a graphic, and makes it possible to methodically-interventorily reorient and reorientate forms of experience and social expression.
The four-semester, academically certified university course for art therapy at SFU Vienna, which concludes with a Master of Arts degree after the fifth semester, is compatible with a professional activity and addresses social workers, special educators, curative teachers, staff in social psychiatric services, life and social counsellors, as well as artists and visual educators, and nursing and clinical professions, such as animation nurses and gerontopsychiatric professions.
The course aims to bring artistic-therapeutic know-how into clinical-rehabilitative fields, i.e. it also addresses occupational therapists. However, it does not see itself as competing in any way, but rather as complementing and cooperating with the ergo- and psychotherapeutic, as well as social psychiatric professions.

Admission requirements and application

Please note that this course is offered in German.

The application & admission for the course start in winter semester 2021/22 is closed. The next course will start in the winter semester 2022/23. Further details will soon…

Admission requirements

  • Higher education entrance qualification and / or previous vocational training
  • Letter of motivation and
  • a personal interview

Information and application
If you are interested and would like general information on the next course starting in WS 2022/23 (in German), contact kunsttherapie@sfu.ac.at.

Please send your written application (tabular CV and one-page letter of motivation) to marie-theres.haas@sfu.ac.at.

Content and curriculum

When life has turned into a one-way street, the only thing that often remains is the image, which is symptomatic and symbolically groundbreaking. SFU offers this course on a scientific basis from a practice-oriented point of view, which in this context means working out the background of the disturbed or cancelled life patterns and images and making them accessible with pictorial-practical methods.
Neurobiological and genetic, psychosocial and psychomotor fundamentals are thus developed in the course in order to be used in social and curative education, acute, rehabilitative and outpatient-clinical professional fields, i.e. to be explored initially in an intensive treatment context under supervision.

High practical relevance
The students are brought into contact with clinical-rehabilitative practice from the beginning and are supervised in this process in a practice-oriented manner, i.e. accompanied. At the same time, they are trained theoretically in the basics of problems that are prone to practice. What is envisaged is thus a seamless practice-supervision-theory offer that introduces practically, theoretically and self-reflexively.
The programme is continuously accompanied by artistic, material-aesthetic-oriented work, which is regarded as fundamental in the process described and is definitely understood as a craft that needs to be learned.
Sigmund Freud University hopes that this offer will intensify artistic, psychotherapeutic and pictorial practice-oriented art therapy in Austria.

Curriculum for the five-semester Master’s programme (in German):
Curriculum_ab WiSe_2018_19.pdf

The course – which is offered in German – starts in the winter semester (beginning of October).


4 semesters, with graduation as “akademische*r Kunsttherapeutin*Kunsttherapeut” (academic art therapist):
total € 10,560 or € 2,640 per semester or € 440 per month (plus 2 % administration fee)

5 semesters, with a Master of Arts degree:
total € 13.200 or € 2.640 per semester or € 440 per month (plus 2 % administration fee).

An admission fee of € 480 is payable at the time of enrolment.

Contact Finance and Controlling:
Mail: ptw-accounting@sfu.ac.at
Tel: +43 1 798 40 98 304
Office and telephone hours: Mon-Thu: 10:00 – 15:00 / Fri: 10:00 – 15:00 by  telephone only.
Address: Freudplatz 1, 3rd floor, room 3002

Degree and certificate

4 semesters: “akademische*r Kunsttherapeutin*Kunsttherapeut” (academic art therapist)
5 semesters: Master of Arts, MA (accredited)


Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Menzen

Head of the programme

Univ.-Ass. Dr. Marie-Theres Haas, MSc. MA

Information and admission interviews
E-Mail: marie-theres.haas@sfu.ac.at

General enquiries and applications:

Melanie Heckl, BSc.

Tel: +43 1 798 40 98 601
E-mail: melanie.heckl@sfu.ac.at
CV Melanie Heckl.pdf

Office hours for the WiSe 2021:
Consultation hours take place on Monday from 13-16 and Wednesday from 14-15:30 by telephone – please register via mail. And on Wednesdays from 16-18 via Zoom – please also register via mail.


University Course Art Therapy
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