Exam Schedule Bachelor and Master Programme

Exam Schedule SS 2021_2 dates.xls

We offer examination weeks, which should help you to better organise exam dates and to assure timely announcement and fast grading.

This is how exams work:

  • You have 3 opportunities to successfully pass a class if it is a lecture (LECT).
  • Each lecturer has the right to choose one of four examination modalities: oral exam, written exam, written essay, or presentations during class.
  • For the written exams (only) we offer examination weeks:
    Week 1: First opportunity to pass: at the end of the current semester (in which you attended the class)
    Week 2: Second opportunity: at the beginning of the following semester.
    Week 3: Third opportunity: at the end of the following semester.

Registration and de-registration for exams:
Registration and de-registrations for exams are possible at the latest 72 hours before the respective date at sfu-ptw.academyfive.net

Written exams can also be taken in Moodle in multiple-choice format (decision of the lecturer). Please check in advance if you have access to your Moodle account. If you have any difficulties or questions, please contact moodle-ptw@sfu.ac.at.
Moodle portal: https://campus-ptw.sfu.ac.at

Examination Regulations:
The currently valid version of the examination regulations can be found at Regulations & Notifications.

Contact Studies Service Centre:
Ulrike Fenz
Tel: +43 1 798 40 98 451
E-mail: international@sfu.ac.at
Room: 4004, 4th floor