Exam Schedule Bachelor and Master Programme

Exam schedule WS 22-23.pdf

We offer examination weeks, which should help you to better organise exam dates and to assure timely announcement and fast grading.

This is how exams work:

  • You have 3 opportunities to successfully pass a class if it is a lecture (LECT).
  • Each lecturer has the right to choose one of four examination modalities: oral exam, written exam, written essay, or presentations during class.
  • For the written exams (only) we offer examination weeks:
    Week 1: First opportunity to pass: at the end of the current semester (in which you attended the class)
    Week 2: Second opportunity: at the beginning of the following semester.
    Week 3: Third opportunity: at the end of the following semester.

Registration and de-registration for exams:
Registration and de-registrations for exams are possible at the latest 72 hours before the respective date at sfu-ptw.academyfive.net

Written exams can also be taken in Moodle. Please check in advance if you have access to your Moodle account. If you have any difficulties or questions, please contact moodle-ptw@sfu.ac.at.
Moodle portal: https://campus-ptw.sfu.ac.at

Examination Regulations:
The currently valid version of the examination regulations can be found at Regulations & Notifications.

Contact Studies Service Centre:
Ulrike Fenz
Tel: +43 1 798 40 98 451
E-mail: international@sfu.ac.at
Room: 4004, 4th floor, Freudplatz 1