Three Associations for the specialised training in psychotherapy (Fachspezifikum) have been established directly at the Faculty of Psychotherapy Science: Behavioural Therapy, Individual Psychology, and Psychodrama.

Behavioural Therapy
Behavioural therapy at SFU is a psychotherapeutic method grounded in empirical psychology. It derives its explanations for mental disorders and its interventions from theoretical and experimental basic research. Read more

Individual Psychology
Individual psychology at SFU is a modern, analytical, psychodynamic method related to depth-psychology. It is based on the assumption that the course for the future is set in childhood and that the unconscious is crucial for our behaviour, experience and world views. Read more

Another specialisation in the psychotherapy training offered at SFU is psychodrama. Psychodrama is an understanding and interactive method that is currently used in individual, couple and group settings. Read more