The study groups at the Faculty of Psychotherapy Science are open to all active but also former SFU-students, regardless of the current semester or elective (Wahlpflichtfach). Participation can partly be credited for Doing Research and for the Window of Opportunity, or as internship. For detailed information, please get in touch with the head of the respective study group.

  • Detailed information on all study groups is available in German

1. SFU Gender Study Group

The Gender Study Group is an interdisciplinary seminar on topics of gender construction that are present in the interaction between the sexes. Aspects of gender differentiation and the social construction of being a woman and a man are developed, critically questioned and discussed on the basis of specialist reading, films and lectures.


2. Qualitative Research Working Group

The research team “Qualitative Psychotherapy Research” invites interested students to the Working Group for Qualitative Research. Prerequisite for participation are own qualitative research projects and theses, which can be brought in as material.

If you are currently working on a qualitative project (BAKK, MAG work or other research activity), or would like to deepen your existing knowledge, please register at Places are limited and meetings will be held online via Zoom. The dates will be announced or coordinated in the group as needed. There will be a total of five meetings per semester.
Participation counts as research activity for “Doing Research”.


3. Depth Hermeneutics Group: Psychoanalytic Cultural and Social Research

Participation in the Depth Hermeneutics Group is open to all SFU students, regardless of the study programme or semester. It is also open to others who may be interested. Participation in the interpretation sessions can earn points for both research and Window of Opportunity. At the meetings, material to be read in advance is interpreted together. Through the impressions, feelings and associations that the material has triggered in each of us and the contradictory ways of reading the result from this, we open up the unconscious meaning of the material together.


4. Climate Study Group

“Climate change is a psychological crisis, whatever else it is.” Poulsen, 2018

With Psychotherapy Science students Johanna Berger, Ute Langthaler-Wlasak, Anna-Katharina Thiel

The climate crisis is still a fatal reality and we would like to consciously face up to the responsibility that we, as future psychotherapists, consider to be ours.
After the exciting discussion in the last semesters, we will in this semester again deal with the question of how the climate crisis will affect us in our psychotherapeutic profession, what awaits us in our practice, but also what impact it already has on us personally. There will be space for self-awareness in particular.

We would like to invite you (whether you have participated in the Climate Study Group before or are new to it) to explore your potential as a psychotherapist in a world in the midst of a climate crisis.

When & Where?

25th Oct. 2022, 15th Nov. 2022, 6th Dec. 2022, 17th Jan. 2023, 16:00 – 18:00
SFU Vienna, Freudplatz 1

Can be credited for Windows of Opportunity or a Doing Research activity (participation in all dates required). Please register with