A central point of the study programme is practical work in connection with theoretical knowledge. First experiences in dealing with suffering persons are to be made in the first part of the studies (B1-B4) within the framework of an internship. In the second part of the studies, a further internship is to be made within the framework of the elective subject.

The required hours can be completed externally in suitable institutions or hospitals, as well as at the SFU outpatient clinics. SFU’s psychotherapeutic outpatient clinic is a placement centre recognised by the Austriain Ministry of Health for both the psychotherapeutic propaedeutic course and the psychotherapeutic specialisation. (PthG § 3 Abs 2Z 2 and PthG § 6 Abs 2 Z 2 of the Austrian Psychotherapy Act).


Independent psychotherapeutic work under supervision is required as part of the elective subject. At the SFU’s psychotherapeutic university outpatient clinic, the ability to relate and apply the acquired knowledge and skills to concrete counselling and therapy situations is to be developed. This is ensured under the guidance of training therapists, building up in three steps:

  • through observation
  • through co-therapies
  • through independent work under supervision

In order to evaluate the theoretically acquired knowledge and the practically applied knowledge on the one hand, and to guide and correct the students in their practical work on the other, accompanying reflection sessions and practical seminars take place. In addition, students are obliged to attend accompanying case supervision.

Detailed information

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