From left to right: Hedi Wagner, Jutta Fiegl, Corina Ahlers, Gerda Mehta, Robert Koch, Joachim Hinsch © Tom Levold


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jutta Fiegl, E-mail:
Dr. Gerda Mehta (Curriculumsleitung ÖAS), E-mail:


Guest lecturers: Dr. Miran Mozina (SL), Dipl.-Psych. Jürgen Hargens (D). In addition, other guest lecturers are also invited.

Cooperation Partner ÖAS

The psychotherapeutic specialisation with its methodological focus is carried out by the following cooperation partner:

Austrian Association for Systemic Therapy and Systemic Studies for the Method of Systemic Psychotherapy (ÖAS).

SFU is one of the three organisationally independent locations of ÖAS.
Systemic family therapy is based on the theory that problems fundamentally arise and are maintained in relational contexts. These interactive processes have generated ideas about themselves and others that cause suffering and prevent change. Solutions are sought in an appreciative attitude towards all participants by seeking out resources in different settings (individual, couple, family therapy). Methods of narrative work, externalising, reflecting, disturbing, solution-orientation, etc. are used.
To learn the method, role plays are used for observation, self-experience, and for experimenting with possibilities and reflection. Students are accompanied and supported in their process-oriented, individual learning process. Reflection work in each semester gives students and teachers feedback on the student’s internalised knowledge. An important component of the training is the accompanying practical reflection of at least 220 hours.