1. Questionnaire survey on the quality of the courses after teaching

Survey conducted by the university-wide EVA team, the Dean’s Office Psychotherapy Science and the Training Research Working Group Psychotherapy Science.

  • EVA online evaluation of selected courses at the end of the semester (BAKK, MAG)
  • Paper-pencil evaluation for small groups directly at the end of the course (English programme, Doktorat)
  • Online survey on evaluation of studies and professional experience of graduates
  • Online survey specifically for quality assurance of the electives (psychotherapy methods)

2. Interviews and discussion rounds with students on their study experience

Interviews and discussion rounds conducted by the Psychotherapy Science Institute for Qualitative Psychotherapy Research and the Psychotherapy Science Training Research Group.

  • Qualitative interviews with selected students (BAKK, MAG, Doktorat)
  • Qualitative interviews with graduates
  • Group discussions with students on selected topics

During the CoViD-19 period, some of the evaluation that did not take place online was switched to online. In addition, new evaluation methods for distance learning teaching are being developed.