The team of the elective Existential Analysis (from left to right):
Alfried Längle, Astrid Görtz, Susanne Pointner and others


Mag. Susanne Pointner
Tel.: +43 664 183 39 84

Coordinators of the elective Existential Analysis at SFU

Information on the elective Existential Analysis

The course with its methodological focus is conducted by the following cooperation partner:

Austrian Society for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (GLE-Ö)

Existential analysis was founded by the Viennese psychiatrist and neurologist Viktor E. Frankl and further developed above all by DDr. Alfried Längle. It is a phenomenological-personal psychotherapy with the aim to help the person

  • to a (mentally and emotionally) free experience
  • to authentic statements and
  • to deal with themselves and their world in a self-responsible way.

Theoretical contents, personal attitudes and individual competences are interlinked and taught through connection to personal experience in a continuous group setting.

Training regulations

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Existential Analysis Literature

Längle, A. Lehrbuch zur Existenzanalyse – Grundlagen (Wien: Facultas 2013)
Längle, A. Existenzanalyse – Daseinsanalyse (Wien: WUF-Facultas 2008)
Längle, A. Sinnvoll leben. Eine praktische Anleitung der Logotherapie (Salzburg: Residenz Verlag 2007)
Zeitschrift EXISTENZANALYSE 11/1 Praxis und Methodik

What is Existential Analysis?


GLE Österreich
Gesellschaft für Logotherapie und Existenzanalyse – Österreich
Strohmayergasse 13/14, 1060 Wien