Dr. Christoph Fischer


DDr. Karl Golling


Office hours at PSI:
Thursdays from 1-2 pm (via phone)

Information on the Elective Psychoanalysis

Lecturers in the Elective Psychoanalysis at SFU

German and English Programmme

NAME Email
MMag. Dr. Nassim Agdari-Moghadam praxis@agdari.at
Dr. Thomas Barth barth.pth@gmail.com
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Anna Buchheim anna.buchheim@uibk.ac.at
Dr. Gianluca Crepaldi gianluca.crepaldi@uibk.ac.at
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Rainer Danzinger mail@rainerdanzinger.at
Dr. Isabella Deuerlein isabella.deuerlein@ideuerlein.de
Dr. Anita Dietrich-Neunkirchner anita_dietrich@inode.at
Dr. Markus Fäh info@markusfaeh.com
Dr. Christoph Fischer christoph.fischer@psi-innsbruck.at
DDr. Karl Golling karlgolling@gmail.com
Dr. Saba Khodayarifard saba.khodayarifard@gmx.at
MMag.Dr. Helga Klug hklug@gmx.at
Dr. Ruth Kronsteiner ruth.kronsteiner@chello.at
Mag. Christl Cora Luger-Hammer christa.luger@silverserver.at
Dr. Binja Pletzer csac2570@aon.at
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Alfred Pritz alfred.pritz@sfu.ac.at
Dr. Christian Schöpf c.schoepf@aon.at
Dr. Gabriele Worda worda.gabriele@aon.at
Dr. Markus Zöchmeister markus.zoechmeister@gmx.at

Cooperation Partner PSI

The psychotherapeutic specialisation with its methodological focus is carried out by the following cooperation partner:

Psychoanalytic Seminar Innsbruck (PSI) for the method of psychoanalysis

The PSI sees itself in the tradition of Sigmund Freud with the individual unconscious as the theoretical centre and the modern, scientific developments through the object relations theory, ego psychology and the interpersonal perspective.
PSI distances itself from dogmatic and esoteric positions. It understands psycho-analytic practice essentially as an analysis of relationships.
In addition to imparting theoretical and practical knowledge, the training is intended to lay the foundation for forming an individual, personal, psychoanalytic identity.


Austrian Federal Ministry

Detailed information on the psychotherapist profession is available on the website of the Austrian Federal Ministry (in German).