Faculty of Psychotherapy Science
Duration / ECTS - Credits
6 semesters / 180 ECTS
Academic Degree
Bakkalaureus / Bakkalaurea der Psychotherapiewissenschaft (BA.pth.)
Qualification Level
ISCED–2011: Level 6 and EQR/NQR: Level 6
Information on the Curriculum*
Mode of Study
Language of Instruction
Location of Implementation
Online bewerben

This degree programme is a foundation course, i.e. it teaches the fundamentals of psychotherapy science. The course duration is six semesters. Upon successful completion, students earn the academic degree Bakkalaurea / Bakkalaureus der Psychotherapiewissenschaft (BA.pth.).

Online applications for the winter semester 2023/24 are possible from 1st March 2023 – 31st August 2023. If you are already studying / have studied at SFU, please contact the Studies Service Centre before creating a new account in the online application.

Admission Requirements

Application & admission period
for the winter semester 2023/24: 1st March 2023 – 31st August 2023

Admission Requirements
The prerequisite for application is a university entrance qualification. The following is required for admission:

a) Proof of a university entrance qualification, such as an Austrian secondary school leaving certificate (Matura), an Austrian vocational certificate (Berufsreifeprüfung), or a foreign equivalent, such as a High School Diploma.
→ For information on admission tests for applicants without a secondary school leaving certificate, please contact our Learning Centre.

b) Candidates must undergo two admission interviews with two members of SFU’s permanent academic staff.
The heads of the programme then decide on a candidate’s admission.

Enrollment fee
A non-refundable fee of € 480 is required for the enrollment procedure. This fee covers the handling of documents, two interviews, credit transfer procedure for prior training, information talks, etc.

The admission regulations can be found at Regulations & Notifications (in German).

Admission Procedure

Step 1: please register on our Online Application Platform.
Additional document: Application for the English-Bachelor (part of the online application)

We will then send you an access code to your registered e-mail address (please also check your spam folder). You can then log in any time, make changes to your data or upload additional documents.

Step 2: Please select the desired study programme
Step 3: Fill in the form and upload the required documents
Step 4: Check all your entered data and click on “send application”

We will then contact you and inform you on the next steps (admission interviews etc.).

Step 5: Two admission interviews take place (online or in person)
Step 6: Applicants are informed on admission or rejection by e-mail within 14 days after both admission interviews have successfully been completed. In case of acceptance, the study contract is submitted.

Please note that a a non-refundable enrollment fee of € 480 is charged.

Course Structure, incl. Curriculum

The duration of the Bachelor’s degree programme in psychotherapy science is six semesters. Graduates are awarded the academic degree Bakkalaurea / Bakkalaureus der Psychotherapiewissenschaft (BA.pth.).

Study goal
This degree programme is a basic study programme. The study programme imparts the scientific fundamentals with regard to healthy and pathological human development, the diagnosis of healthy and sick phenomena, fundamentals of the scientifically founded treatment of experience-related clinical pictures – including psychological, medical, sociological and anthropological dimensions.
The students acquire basic knowledge of research methodology and receive an overview of the legal, economic and social framework conditions. To achieve the study objective, practical knowledge is required through internships which need to be reflected upon, and the reflection and development of the student’s own person.
The first four semesters include the requirements of the psychotherapeutic propaedeutic course (Propädeutikum).

Focal points from the 5th semester 
From the 5th semester onwards, the main aim is the in-depth Master’s degree programme and students are consequently preparing for it. It represents an introduction to the clinical application of psychotherapy. A psychotherapy school must be chosen, which is then taught as part of the elective subject and corresponds to the psychotherapeutic specialisation, which is continued and completed in the Master’s degree programme. There are cooperation agreements with psychotherapeutic training associations that offer their curricula as part of the degree programme.
At this point, two admission interviews take place with representatives of the chosen method as well as an admission seminar. In the Master’s degree programme, the chosen therapeutic school is continued and finalised.


valid as of WS 2013/14:
Bachelor Programme – valid as of WT 2013-14.pdf

valid until SS 2013:
Bachelor Programme – valid as of ST 2012.pdf

Description of Modules

Bachelor Programme – Description of Modules.pdf

Qualification Profile and Skills

Completion of the propaedeutic course (first part of psychotherapeutic training), basic scientific knowledge, first experiences with patients.
Well-founded, fundamental scientific training preparing students for the in-depth consecutive Master’s programme.

Occupational Profiles and Career Opportunities

In Austria, psychotherapeutic training is regulated by law according to the Psychotherapy Act (PthG). The independent practice of psychotherapy requires the completion of a general (psychotherapeutic propaedeutic course) and a special training (psychotherapeutic specialisation) and registration in the list of psychotherapists of the Federal Ministry. This registration is only possible at the age of 28.

Psychotherapy is an independent health care procedure for the treatment of psychological, psychosocial or psychosomatic behavioural disorders and conditions. Detailed information on the psychotherapist profession is available on the website of the Austrian Federal Ministry (in German).

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees (as of winter semester 2021/22)

Bachelor’s Degree Programme: € 6,940 per semester
(when paid at the beginning of the semester)

Tuition fee covers:
1. lectures, seminars, exercises
2. major part of personality development*
3. internship and practice reflection**
4. internship at the university outpatient clinic
5. examination fees

* From the 5th semester onwards (beginning of the method-specific training), the method-specific personality development (MPE), which you attend externally with training therapists of the method (individual training therapy or personality development in a group setting), is excluded. This differs based on the psychotherapeutic method and comprises 100 – 300 hours.
** Group practice reflection and part of the individual practice reflection (supervision) are included.

Tuition fees are charged for the standard programme duration (Bachelor’s degree: 6 semesters). The total costs of studying at SFU will not increase in case a student’s studies are extended by one year.

Enrollment fee:
A non-refundable fee of € 480 is required for the enrollment procedure. This fee covers the handling of documents, two interviews, credit transfer procedure for prior training, information talks, etc.

Tax deductions:
In line with the Austrian income tax law, students may deduct the total expenses of their study courses from their taxes if the degree programmes are rated as professional reorientation (Umschulungsmaßnahme) or continuing education (Weiterbildungsmaßnahme). Austrian Ministry of Finance (information in German)

Contact Finance & Controlling
Mail: ptw-accounting@sfu.ac.at
Phone: +43 1 798 40 98 304
Office and telephone hours: Mo-Thur: 10 am  – 3 pm / Fr: 10 am – 3 pm, by telephone only 
Address: Freudplatz 1, 3rd floor, room 3002

Scholarships and Financing

Following the applicable criteria, Sigmund Freud University awards scholarships and grants every year.

Dates and Deadlines

Application & admission period for the winter semester 2023/24: 1st March 2023 – 31st August 2023


The English Bachelor Programme in Psychotherapy Science was accredited by the Austrian Accreditation Council in 2005. All SFU Accreditation Reports are available in German.


Study Programme Coordinator
Msc. Mag. Emma McNally, emma.mcnally@sfu.ac.at

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