Master Programme – Psychotherapy Science

Faculty of Psychotherapy Science
Duration / ECTS - Credits
4 semesters / 120 ECTS
Academic Degree
Master’s Degree in Psychotherapy Science (Mag.pth.)
Information on the Curriculum*
Mode of Study
Language of Instruction
German, English
Location of Implementation

Curriculum and Description of Modules

Master Programme – valid as of ST 2012.pdf
Master Programme – valid as of WT 2016/17.pdf
Master Programme – Description of Modules.pdf

Course Duration

The Master Degree Course is a four semester programme including the time required to write the Master’s thesis.

University Degree

Upon successful completion, students earn a Master’s Degree (Magisterium, Mag.pth.) in Psychotherapy Science.

Course Aims

The Master Degree Programme builds on the experiences from the Bachelor Programme and deepens students’ knowledge of theory, methodology and the historical development of psychotherapy. Students gain an in-depth understanding of general and method-specific psychopathology, diagnostic methods, disorders and appropriate treatment strategies. The programme focusses on psychobiology, neuro-immunology and socio-scientific and socio-philosophical issues. It broadens students’ knowledge of theoretical principles and clinical theories in their chosen psychotherapy school, the basic principles of which have been covered in the Bachelor’s Degree Programme.

The range and teaching of therapy methods is based on the latest developments in psychotherapy science and is in line with the accreditation regulations as defined by Austrian law.

Deepening students’ capacity to pursue psychotherapy research is central to the Master’s Degree Programme. During the programme, students learn how to interpret, compare and pursue empirical research questions. The course is designed to broaden students’ theoretical knowledge in methodology and to provide the skills required to put theory into practice.

Integrating theoretical knowledge and applied clinical experience is a core element of the Master Programme. Students will do supervised internships at external facilities and at the SFU’s Outpatient Clinic, and acquire the skills and competencies required for practicing psychotherapy in compulsory personal development courses.

Tuition Fee

Master’s Degree Programme: EUR 6.830,- per semester
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