Employability – Psychotherapy Science

The Austrian Psychotherapy Law (§ 12/5) foresees awarding applicants the status of psychotherapist under the condition of training equivalence and by attending a hearing of the Psychotherapy Advisory Board of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Health and Women’s Issues (Bundesministerium für Gesundheit und Frauen).

This reflects the contents of a letter sent by the Ministry for Health and Women’s Issues to the Austrian Accreditation Council and the Austrian Federal Association for Psychotherapy (ÖBVP) in 2004. In 2003, the Ministry officially confirmed to the Austrian Accreditation Council that study courses as specified under § 12 taken at other universities will be credited to a student’s record at Sigmund Freud University. Psychotherapy Act (pdf)

Further information on the psychotherapist profession can be found on the Ministry of Social Affairs website (in German).

Regulation abroad

Foreign students who study psychotherapy in Austria and want to practice the psychotherapeutic profession in their country of origin are subject to the legal regulations of the respective country. It is crucial to find out beforehand about the regulations governing such professional practice abroad.