“The mental health of employees has a very decisive effect on the success of a company” – likewise, the mental health of leaders has an effect on the success of a company. The Institute for Mental Health and Business deals with the visionary topic of mental health and business at a scientific level. The increasingly complex interactions and effects on people are researched and through new scientific findings, a successful socio-critical discussion is initiated.
Our institute is unique in Europe and offers a wide range of different high-level analyses and seminars. As a result, the management of executives is optimised and new ways of thinking and acting are successfully applied in the company. By combining different disciplines, it is possible to continuously generate new scientific findings and offer them to organisations and companies for application.
Our extensive range of further training for managers and employees rounds off the programme. We teach techniques and strategies to be able to act and react successfully and empathically even in crisis situations and under psychologically stressful conditions. Our offer is suitable for: Companies, associations, organisations and individuals who are active in the field of business in a leading or advisory capacity.

Head: Mag. Dr. Monika Spiegel, e-mail

Offers and Events

Course: Lead Yourself – Self-Management and Psychological Resilience in Work Life
The aim of the course “Lead Yourself” is to sensitise people to psychological stress in everyday life, to promote psychological resilience, to support time management and to (re-)activate work-life balance despite working from home.

Course: Psychosocial Skills in Business
‘Healthy Leadership’ starts with being a role model in dealing with oneself and identifying personal behaviours. The university course ‘Psychosocial Skills in Business‘ (in German) aims to sensitise managers towards a healthy psychosocially oriented leadership.

“Separate and Yet Together” – following this motto, the Institute for Mental Health and Business offers regular webinars on various topics. Webinars make it possible to actively participate in the Institute’s seminars despite social distancing.

Excerpt of webinars held in 2020 (in German):

  • Psyche in Zeiten von Corona – die neue Arbeitswelt. In der Krise sicher Führen und Managen
  • Professionelle Gestaltung von Zoomveranstaltungen
  • Das liebe Geld und die Psychologie – Geld regiert nicht nur die Welt, sondern manchmal auch Beziehungen
  • Arbeitsrecht in Zeiten von Covid-19 – Fragen und Antworten
  • Virtuell führen und zusammenarbeiten
  • Sicherheit geben in unsicheren Zeiten – Wie interne und externe Kommunikation dazu beitragen können!
  • Bleib gesund! – Stärkung des Immunsystems

Leadership under difficult conditions
Recent events and regulations bring individual challenges. But especially now it seems all the more important to support employees in order to overcome conflict situations together. Managers are assigned an essential task in this context: They are supposed to lead the crisis dynamics in companies in a positive direction. This is a demanding task and in some cases requires support.

Because of this, I offer the possibility to work on the following questions by email, Skype, Facetime or by telephone:

  • How can I convey to my staff that the current events and life circumstances are manageable and how am I dealing with my own situation right now?
  • How can I continue to implement my tasks as a leader in times of crisis?
  • What qualities do I need to display as a leader in times of crisis?
  • How can I still lead when social contact with my staff is reduced to electronic communication channels?
  • How can I as a leader maintain the cohesion of my team?
  • How important is conflict in a crisis and how can I channel it positively?
  • What does the current situation mean in terms of future personnel decisions?

Contact: wirtschaft@sfu.ac.at

Further offers

Communication and personality training
Training that closely combines and applies aspects of mental health, coaching and the central skills and rules for safe and relieving communication.
Target group: assistants, secretaries, office managers

Personality development for junior managers
Professional qualifications alone say nothing about a person’s leadership skills. Leadership requires personality.

Coping with stress in everyday working life
Target group: Employees who are under a lot of stress in their professional lives and want to find more calmness, composure and inner balance.

Narcissism… an epidemic?
A lecture about the basic conflict in narcissism – between grandiosity and inferiority.

Get informed in advance on our events!
Registration at: wirtschaft@sfu.ac.at

Past events:

Research, Publications and Press

Supervision of research projects, bachelor theses, diploma theses, dissertations.
Students have the opportunity to propose a potential research topic themselves.

Publications | Press
For press enquiries, please contact Dr. Monika Spiegel directly at monika.spiegel@sfu.ac.at

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