Our institute is dedicated to the research of disease patterns and therapy options in psyche-soma interactions. On the one hand, this includes the comprehensive teaching of classical psychosomatics where physical symptoms are investigated as being psychologically causative (somatoform diseases – physical symptoms that cannot be proven by somatic findings, such as idiopathic skin diseases or functional disorders).
Furthermore, we deal with the crucial area of psychological effects of physical diseases and possibilities of psychotherapeutic interventions. Our research and teaching activities focus on psychooncology, psychocardiology and the psychological perspective of transplant patients.

Heads: Univ. Prof. Dr. Jutta Fiegl / Assoz. Prof. Dr. Kathrin Mörtl, e-mail


  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jutta Fiegl – Head, Psychooncology, Psychosomatics in Gynaecology and Obstetrics; Systemic Family Therapist
  • Assoz.-Prof. Dr. Kathrin Mörtl – Head, Psychosomatic Concepts, Psychoanalysis
  • Eva Pritz – Transplant, Head of SFU University Outpatient Clinic, Psychoanalysis
  • Waltraud Wiesinger, BA – Congenital Heart Defects, Research Award, Systemic Family Therapist – Constituent Honorary Member
  • Dr. Raphael Oberhuber – Paediatric Cardiology, Clinical Psychologist at the Children’s Heart Centre Linz
  • Branka Milic – Congenital heart defects, psychoanalysis
  • Birgitta Schiller, Mag.pth. – Psychosomatic concepts, individual psychology
  • Manuel Fürholzer, BA – Rare diseases, individual psychology

Academic Activities

Students of psychotherapy science have started a reading circle on psychosomatics, which we support.
Contact: kathrin.moertl@sfu.ac.at

Teaching & Training
Our staff members regularly teach in our study programme. A selection of courses in which you can learn about our research methods and projects:
Forms of intervention in physical illnesses (in German and English) – Univ. Prof. Dr. Fiegl, Assoz. Prof. Dr. Mörtl, Mag. Pritz, Dr. Oberhuber, Mag. Milic, Ms. Wiesinger, BA (constituent honorary member)
Psychosomatics (in English) – Assoz. Prof. Dr. Mörtl

Supervision of theses
Our staff members are happy to supervise theses in our research spectrum. There is also the possibility to cooperate with one of our staff members and to work on a given topic.
Contact: kathrin.moertl@sfu.ac.at

Selected Research Projects

Waltraud Wiesinger Research Funding in Psychotherapy for People with Congenital Heart Defects, their Families and Systems
Waltraud Wiesinger, BA (constituent honorary member), Mag. Branka Milic, Assoz. Prof. Dr. Kathrin Mörtl, Univ.-Prof. Alfred Pritz, Univ.-Prof.Dr. Jutta Fiegl
Contact: birgitta.schiller@sfu.ac.at

BOSCH: Psychosomatic consultation at the workplace (carried out by the SFU Institute for Qualitative Psychotherapy Research)
Birgitta Schiller, Mag.pth., Assoz. Prof. Dr. Kathrin Mörtl, Cooperation with the University Hospital Ulm, Duration 2016-2019
Website: Institute for Qualitative Psychotherapy Research
Contact: birgitta.schiller@sfu.ac.at

Underlying psychosomatic disorders in patients with takotsubo syndrome in Austria
→ carried out by the Institute for Psychosomatics of the Medical Faculty
Dr. Valerie Weihs, Univ.-Prof. Kurt Huber, in cooperation with Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jutta Fiegl, Assoz. Prof. Dr. Kathrin Mörtl
Website: MED | Institut für Psychosomatik
Contact: kurt.huber@med.sfu.ac.at

Waltraud Wiesinger Research Promotion Award

Winners of the Waltraud Wiesinger Research Promotion Award 2016-2019: PreisträgerInnen 2016-2019.pdf
The idea behind: Waltraud Wiesinger Forschungsförderungspreis.pdf
Teaching and Research: Waltraud Wiesinger Forschungsförderung – Lehre Forschung.pdf



Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jutta FIEGL
Email: jutta.fiegl@sfu.ac.at

Assoz. Prof. Dr. Kathrin MÖRTL
Email: kathrin.moertl@sfu.ac.at

Institute for Psychosomatics
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