Child and adolescent psychotherapy has both the treatment of mental disorders in childhood and adolescence as its mission and primary and secondary preventive tasks regarding the mental health of children and adolescents.

This also includes problem areas of parenthood and the extra-familial educational and social environment of children and adolescents. The formative character of childhood and adolescence for the development of the personality gives child and adolescent psychotherapy essential importance for mental health in adulthood.
The Institute for Infant, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy is dedicated to further education and research in all fields of child and adolescent psychotherapy. The university course “Infant, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy” imparts the theoretical and practical knowledge required for psychotherapeutic work with infants, children and adolescents.

Research focuses on developmental research, interdisciplinary research on pedagogy and child and adolescent psychotherapy, questions of clinical research as well as research on the new media in their significance for child and adolescent psychotherapy.

Head: Gabriela Pap, MSc., e-mail

Academic Activities

Teaching & Training

The Institute for Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy runs a university course for further education in infant, child and adolescent psychotherapy certified by the Federal Ministry of Health. You can find more information on the curriculum of the university course in infant, child and adolescent psychotherapy, on the admission requirements, on registration and on the dates here.
Here you can find the list of psychotherapists who have been certified by the SFU as having completed their further training in child and adolescent psychotherapy.

Supervision of theses

Theses (bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctorate) are included in the research projects of the Institute. Enquiries regarding the supervision of theses should be addressed to the head of the institute.


The research work of the Institute for Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy is not limited to genuine clinical psychotherapeutic and psychotherapy research topics, but is also responsible for the further development of society and education.
So far, this has also been realised in empirical-quantitative research on the use of psychotherapeutic and psychotherapy-scientific knowledge in education. For example, the efficiency of implementing encouragement in the didactics of school teaching could be proven (Sindelar, Hejze, & Langer, 2011), as well as the effectiveness of integrating psychotherapeutically based supervision of teachers in primary school for the learning and performance success and the personal development of school children (Sindelar B. , 2017a).

Current research focus

Data material from the psychotherapeutic outpatient clinics for children and adolescents at the SFU is being analysed. The aim of this extensive research project is to identify risk factors or resilience-promoting factors for the mental health of children and adolescents, which will enable conclusions to be drawn for preventive measures and thus contribute to stabilising the health of future generations.


Head Gabriela Pap, MSc.
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Univ. Ass. Mag.a Maria Gren, BA. BA. 

Institute for Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

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