Costs | Summer School

One week: € 900
Two weeks: € 1.700 (= € 850 per week)

→ Early bird special for bookings until 31st May, 2020: € 50 reduction
→ Sign up a friend/colleague and receive a discount of € 50 on the overall amount

Costs include:

Session type  Hours à 60 min: 1st week | 2nd week → overall hours
Lecture   (24|18) 42
Workshop (2|9) 11
Therapy Observation (6|6) 12

The scheduled “social events” are included (food, drinks), as well as snacks for the lunch breaks.

NOT included: flight costs, hotel, lunch break

Accommodation help: the SFU staff can help you with your hotel booking; please note that the hotel has to be paid extra.

Cancellation policy: 75% of costs are not refundable if you cancel within two weeks before the Summer School starts. If you cancel earlier, 95% will be refunded.

With your registration, you will be informed on the booking modalities. We accept a maximum of 25 students.