Summer School on Self-Concept, Identity and Prejudice

Dear all,

the Rector, the Dean and the Organizer of the SFU Summer School have decided to postpone this year’s Summer School to 2021. The situation concerning the Covid-19 pandemic remains unclear. Due to this uncertainty, the SFU took measures in order to avoid a possible spreading of the Sars-Cov-2 virus.

At the moment it is scheduled that the programme of this year’s Summer School will be presented next year, most likely in the first two weeks of July 2021. We hope to welcome you then.

Every year in summer, Sigmund Freud University Vienna opens its doors for international students to present a blend of its strength in psychotherapy science. The SFU’s Summer School aims at attracting students from around the world, creating a vibrant and diverse atmosphere. Start your summer in the right direction and be part of it when we focus on

“Self-concept, Identity and Prejudice”

First 2 weeks of July, 2021 | SFU Vienna

What is psychotherapy science?

Psychotherapy science at SFU is a unique study programme: its curriculum is designed according to the Austrian psychotherapy law and allows graduates to work as psychotherapists. There is a crucial difference between psychotherapy science and psychology (even with counselling psychology): psychotherapy science is based on the first and second person approach to the human mind, as opposed to psychology which is based on the third person perspective that is said to be ‘scientific’. Psychotherapy science reunites hermeneutical with clinical knowledge and puts an emphasis on self-awareness and empathy.

Summer School: course description

The characteristics of the university’s study programme are mirrored in the courses making up the Summer School – which we are happy to present to you. During the two weeks, four therapy schools will be presented, each of them for one (intensive) day: psychoanalysis, systemic family therapy, gestalt therapy, and person-centred therapy.

In the mornings the theoretical foundations will be discussed; in the afternoon the focus will shift to treatment techniques, and in the evening the participants will practice self-awareness based on these psychotherapy methods.

Blending theory and practice

In addition to lectures on specific topics, the summer school participants will spend four afternoon sessions at the Sigmund Freud University’s Outpatient Clinic. There participants will observe therapy sessions in the well-known setting: therapist and client in one room and observers in another room, separated by a one-way mirror. This will be a highly-instructive experience, as reported by our full-time psychotherapy science students.

The closing session will be a Modality Workshop: psychotherapists from different psychotherapy schools will discuss their respective approaches. This pluralistic approach will be an eye-opening experience, especially when done in mutual appreciation.

Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in the world – and the cradle of psychotherapy. Sigmund Freud University Vienna looks forward to welcome you in the summer 2021!