SFU Ethics Commission

The Sigmund Freud University has established an Ethics Commission as the audit body in charge of ethical issues of research projects and theses. All relevant information is available at https://ethik.sfu.ac.at/en/

Submissions to the Ethics Commission

Applications to the SFU’s Ethics Commission for research projects and theses are possible through our online submission system. Applications must be submitted by the student. Please note that the name and the e-mail address of the supervisor must also be entered in the field Research Proposal.

More information: Ethics Commission_submissions_2019.pdf

How it works:

  • Applications are submitted in the Online Submission Portal
  • For the user data and password, contact the Studies Service Center at international@sfu.ac.at
  • The entry masks facilitate the proper creation of an application to the Ethics Commission. Thus handing in a paper version of an application is no longer required and making an application is possible at any time and from any location.
  • If a revision or supplements to the application are required by the Ethics Commission, you will be contacted by e-mail. You can then do the revision and/or deliver supplements online.
  • The approval of the application is sent by e-mail and can be printed out.
  • Our online submission system is encrypted following high security standards and forgery-proof.

We look forward to your application. For any questions you can also contact forschung@sfu.ac.at