Online portal for students – Psychotherapy Science

SFU Management Service (MS)

In the SFU Management Service you can register for exams, find exam results and see your attended courses. In addition you have the possibility print-out certificates, confirmations, etc.
SFU Management Service Manual.pdf

Academy Five (A5)

The new student management system “Academy Five” (short A5) is currently being implemented. The “Community” area is also located in A5.

SFU Cloud – Internal Area

»»» SFU Cloud
In the password-protected internal area on the SFU Cloud you find all relevant lecture notes of the Psychotherapy Science English Programme.

MS Teams

The online platform MS Teams is used by lecturers for holding online courses via video conference.
Instructions for MS Teams for students: Microsoft Teams Students.pdf
Online guide for Microsoft Teams

SFU Forum

Exchange forum for active and future students in the Psychotherapy Science English Programme.