Examinations – Psychotherapy Science

Examination Regulations

SFU Examination_Regulations.pdf

Exam Schedule

Below you find the current exam schedule (updated regularly):

Exam Schedule – 2020.pdf

We offer examination weeks, which should help you to better organize exam dates and to assure timely announcement and fast grading.

This is how exams work:

→ You have 3 opportunities to successfully pass a class if it is a LECT, PS or SE.

→ Each lecturer has the right to choose one of four examination modalities, which will be communicated to you during the first appointment of the class: oral exam, written exam, written essay, or presentations during class.

→ For the written exams (only) we offer examination weeks:
WEEK 1: First opportunity to pass: at the end of the current semester (in which you attended the class)
WEEK 2: Second opportunity: at the beginning of the following semester.
WEEK 3: Third opportunity: at the end of the following semester.

→ You are allowed to take an examination multiple times (however, the grade of the last attempt will be your final grade) if you fail an exam.