Dear students,

due to the ongoing situation, we are all confronted with a new psychotherapeutic situation. Your psychotherapy practice has suddenly changed, and your study situation is new as well. This opens up many questions about current psychotherapy-scientific research in times of COVID-19.
We will keep a list of these research projects where you will be invited as a study participant. For each project you will receive forms or instructions, keep research diaries, participate in interviews, or make your dream recordings available for research. In addition to participating, some projects will also have an online meeting with all interested parties, where you will receive a short input presentation from the project leader. Please get in touch with the respective contact person if you want to participate.

Some projects are related to therapeutic work with patients (for this you must already be in the status), plus there is a number of other offers (with and without corona focus!), which aim at all students and staff. If you collect 12 research points, this will additionally be considered the equivalent of a research course (max. 1 SWS) in the PTW curriculum (see below).

Substitution and entry of a completed research course

Collect all confirmations of participation (upon request to the project manager), send the confirmations amounting to 12 points via email to and select one of the following courses in the curriculum (max. 1 SWS). You can also get courses entered that take place in a higher semester than your current one.

  • Science and Research Methodology
  • Qualitative Interpretation
  • Methods of Qualitative Research
  • Research Internship
  • Research Workshop

Download of ethics forms for psychotherapy science research projects

Below you find the required ethics forms for the respective research projects. We kindly ask you to download and fill out these forms before participating in a project and then send them scanned/photographed to the respective contact person.

Body-less Therapy? | Mag.a Birgitta Schiller, 3 points
Research project dealing with students’ experiences with telephone or online therapy by using reflection reports.
Invitation_body-less therapy
Study Information_body less therapy
Declaration of consent for participation in research projects_body-less therapy

Focus groups “body in psychotherapy” | Eva Wimmer, MA, Mag.a Birgitta Schiller, 2 points
Discussion groups to explore the role and relevance of the body in psychotherapy.
Information on data processing_BODY in psychotherapy
Declaration of consent for participation_BODY in Psychotherapy

The impact of the corona crisis on people in self-reflection reports | Ing. Mag. Paolo Raile, MSc, 3 points
Research project dealing with the effects of the corona crisis on daily life and with the experiences in dealing with this exceptional situation in the form of self-reflection reports.

English documents available soon…

Resilience vs. Corona | Lea Bernik, Mag., Ph.Dc Scient. Pth., 4 points
Qualitative research project, which investigates how psychotherapists improve their psychological wellbeing by activating and nurturing resilience, both connected to their work experience as well as their personal lives at home.
Declaration of consent for participation in research projects