Research projects at the SFU outpatient clinics as part of the research internship in the winter semester 2020/21

In the “Research Practicum II” of the Faculty of Psychotherapy Science at Sigmund Freud University, the university outpatient clinics were focussed on. Three outpatient clinics – the adult outpatient clinics in Vienna and Linz and the children’s and adolescents’ outpatient clinic in Vienna – were researched by the students.

At the psychotherapeutic university outpatient clinics, numerous therapy sessions are held daily on site and, during the CoVid-19 pandemic, are also conducted online or by telephone by therapists in training under supervision. The research projects therefore dealt with the conditions on site in the outpatient clinics as well as with the experiences in relation to online or teletherapy. The aim of the course was to give students an insight into empirical research that can be implemented under the given conditions.

A total of 18 research groups were able to gain interesting insights, which are presented below. The research topics cover fields as diverse as the lighting of the outpatient clinic, the challenges of online therapy, possible changes in communication through wearing a face mask or the cuddly toys of the children’s and adolescents’ outpatient clinic. The methods used range from artefact analyses to observations, interviews, focus groups and questionnaire evaluations.
If you participated in one of the studies, we are happy to now present the results to you. The research results have been thematically divided into three groups: you can view each on its own or browse through all projects.

Main topics of the research projects

  • Space & atmosphere
  • Organisation of the outpatient clinic – people and technology
  • COVID-19 and its consequences in the outpatient clinic and on therapy

All final reports (PDF) are available on the SFU Cloud (in German).

Outpatient Clinic Research – final report.pdf (in German)

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