Research Points – Psychotherapy Science

Research Points – Information

In the course of your bachelor’s degree, you have to acquire a total of 12 research points by participating in various research activities. The research points are not mandatory for the completion of the propaedeutic course. They must be presented only upon completion of the bachelor’s degree. For the master’s program, 7 research points are required. The required number of research points must be fulfilled at the latest when the curriculum is released for the bachelor’s degree or the master’s degree.

In addition to participation in empirical projects (filling out questionnaires, participation as an interview partner), you can also earn research points by participating in extracurricular workshops/additional courses/groups and by attending internal and external lectures.

You can find a list of possibilities on the internal cloud or below:

Research points_PTW English Programme WS 20 21.pdf

Please also note that the Rectorate’s mailing list sends out information about current studies, conferences and meetings.

All SFU research activities can be found on:

Isabella Wagner
4th floor, room 4002 (signing of points by appointment)

Confirmation of participation:

You will receive confirmation of your participation in extracurricular workshops/additional courses/groups from the respective workshop/course-head.  If you participate in empirical projects within the SFU, you will also receive confirmation of participation from the project management. Please present these confirmations of participation for the crediting of the research points at the Studies Service Center PTW.

If you participate in online studies of external research institutions, please make a screenshot to prove your participation and send it to the contact person mentioned above to get you participation confirmed. Please present this confirmation of participation at the Studies Service Center PTW to get the research points credited.

For confirmation of own research initiative by students please contact Isabella Wagner (


Extracurricular workshops/additional courses/groups

WHAT? You will see courses in the timetable with the supplement (additional offer). Many of these courses are research-specific and provide you with valuable research points. Here are some examples: “Introduction to Atlas.ti – computer software for qualitative analysis”, “Seminar Biography Research” etc.

HOW? You can find these additional offers in the timetable and here on the list of research points.

WHEN? Every semester a handful of these workshops and courses are offered. An attendance hour is a research point. Please note, however, that you have to register (!) for most of the workshops and some workshops have to be attended fully (not just a separate hour). This depends on the workshop (please have it signed in the study book on the

site “Research Points” or discuss with the teacher how to confirm your attendance).

Empirical Projects

WHAT? Take part in interviews, surveys, focus groups, etc. of colleagues or in current studies and surveys of the Sigmund Freud Private University and other scientific institutions.

HOW? You can find the current projects here on the list of research points or as a mailing from the Rectorate’s mailing list. If you are looking for interview partners or study participants in the course of your bachelor or master thesis, please contact Isabella Wagner, who will share your search request.

WHEN? At the beginning of the semester, empirical projects are collected on the list of research points. Later projects are continuously added to the list and sent out via the Rectorate’s mailing list.

Internal and external events

WHAT? At SFU and at other institutions, scientific lectures, meetings, conferences take place on an ongoing basis, which you can attend and thereby earn research points.

HOW? You can find the internal events here on the list of research points and in the SFU event calendar ( If known to us, external events are sent out via the Rectorate’s mailing list.

WHEN? You can find the current events on the list of research points and in the SFU Event Calendar. Please also note the mailings of the Rectorate.

Own research initiatives by students

WHAT? Important research activities also include personal initiative. Present a poster at a conference, write a book review on a textbook or a professional article. You can also start a student research group on a research topic or participate in a group of colleagues. The possibilities are open, for further ideas please contact us!

HOW? The most important thing is that you register your own initiatives with us in advance! Please ask for more information at You have to prove your activities and will receive research points in the office or from Isabella Wagner (4th floor, room 4002), issued for this purpose.