“Hermeneutic Therapy Research and Therapy Dialogue” is the name of that disciplinary department for basic research in psychotherapy science at SFU Vienna (since 2007), in which two meaning-versatile research programs have emerged:

I. Experimental Psychotherapy Science (PTW).
II. philosophy and critique of ideas in psychotherapy science

In the Experimental PTW (I.) program, one currently finds the following four program sectors (A-D), within which experimental and imaginative hermeneutic methods are used to create basic knowledge about implicit conditional and presuppositional structures that underlie the explicit doctrines and theories of individual psychotherapy modalities:

  • Programme Sector A: Standardized Therapy Dialogue (TSD)
  • Programme sector B: Text-Jigsaw-Procedure
  • Programme sector C: Psycho-Pictorial Methods
  • Programme Sector D: Media-Game Techniques
  • In the programme of Psychotherapeutic Philosophy and Idea Criticism (II.) classical text-analytical methods (literary and discourse analysis) are used.

Hermeneutic therapy research can meanwhile refer to numerous publications (Springer Verlag, Psychotherapie-Wissenschaft, Waxmann-Verlag, Parodos Verlag, Verlag Peter Lang, Verlag Traugott Bautz, SFU-Verlag/Sigmund Freud University Press, SFU Research Bulletin). Within the framework of Experimental PTW, about seventy qualification studies (on the levels: bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctorate) have already been prepared and approved, and some of them have also been published; several graduate projects are currently being prepared, and some are in the design phase.

Heads: Univ.-Prof. DDr. Kurt Greiner, e-mail / Ass.-Prof. Dr. MMag. Martin Jandl, e-mail

Academic Activities

Lectures & Training

Our staff regularly lecture in the Bakkalaureat, Magister and Doctoral programmes. A selection of the courses where you can learn about our research methods and projects:

  • Lecture Series – Perspectives in Psychotherapy Science – Prof. Greiner
  • Research Lab “Hermeneutic Psychotherapy Research: Husserl’s Phenomenology and its Impact on Psychotherapy Schools” (graduate) – Ass.-Prof. Jandl
  • Workshop Philosophy (Nietzsche, Hume, Ryle, Kant, Merleau-Ponty), (mixed undergraduate-graduate) – Ass.-Prof. Jandl
  • Existential Philosophy (graduate) – Ass.-Prof. Jandl
  • The better consciousness and the will – Schopenhauer (graduate) – Ass.-Prof. Jandl

Supervision of theses

Within the framework of Experimental and Imaginative Hermeneutic Psychotherapy Science, there are now 36 completed and approved qualifying theses, which are distributed among the graduation levels as follows.  All theses refer to the methods of our institute (as of October 2016):

TSD/ExTK = Standardised Therapy Dialogue via Experimental Trans-Contextualisation.
P-T-P = Psycho-text puzzle
PBS/k = Small Psycho Picture Game
PMS/PMuA = Psycho-Media Games via Psycho-Music Analysis

Bakkalaureat level (18):
Binder, Barbara (2015: History of Science/Experimental Hermeneutic PTW), Breindl, Gabriela (2011: TSD/ExTK), Burian-Ehrgott, Angelika (2011: TSD/ExTK), Dostal, Sophie (2010: TSD/ExTK), Fürholzer, Manuel (2014: PMS/PMuA), Goschler, Clemens (2014: P-T-P), Grigorijan, Marianna (2016: TSD/ExTK), Hulle-Wegl, Petra (2016: TSD/ExTK), Lang, Kerstin (2011: TSD/ExTK), Moser, Gerlinde (2016: P-T-P), Petz, Frank Christian (2013: TSD/ExTK), Prim, Sabine (2011: TSD/ExTK), Rios Vela, Jorge Luis (2016: PBS/k), Roithmeier, Gerald (2013: TSD/ExTK), Scheuplein, Alisa (2014: TSD/ExTK), Skop, Karin (2011: TSD/ExTK), Trebes, Tamara Miriam (2015: P-T-P), Venturini, Daniela (2014: TSD/ExTK).

Magisterium level (15):
Breindl, Gabriela (2012: TSD/ExTK), Burian-Ehrgott; Angelika (2012: TSD/ExTK), Dorner, Franz (2009: TSD/ExTK), Dostal, Sophie (2012: TSD/ExTK), Faltejsek, Friederike (2012: TSD/ExTK), Gnant, Anna (2015: P-T-P), Gollinger, Margit (2009: TSD/ExTK), Holm, Barbara (2011: TSD/ExTK), Huppmann, Barbara (2014: P-T-P), Kirsha, Alla (2014: TSD/ExTK), Mairhofer, Claudia (2009: TSD/ExTK), Seggl, Franz (2015: TSD/ExTK), Skop, Karin (2013: TSD/ExTK), Steurer-Paschinger, Brigitte Petra (2009: TSD/ExTK), Weilguny, Sonja (2014: P-T-P).

Doctoral level (3):
Gollinger, Margit (2011: TSD/ExTK), Paschinger, Brigitte Petra (2011: TSD/ExTK), Schwingshandl, Astrid (2011: TSD/ExTK).

Research & Publications

Current research projects

“TVP-ANALYSIS (Therapy Progress Protocol Analysis). Development and testing of a learning tool to maximize subject-specific thinking skills”.
This project is about conceptualization and testing of a learning tool for therapy training candidates. If this learning tool proves successful in the pilot project and is subsequently integrated into the training program, it should already be used for training candidates in the course of the very first preparation of a “Therapy Progress Protocol” (TVP).
Project initiator: Kurt Greiner

“ACADEMIC PSYCHOTHERAPY. Foundation of a new university subject. A teaching cartoon”
Publication project: theory textbook in cartoon format, designed for didactic purposes at SFU Vienna. Planned publication 2021: Sigmund Freud University Press (former SFU Publishing House)
Author (text, graphics & cartoons): Kurt Greiner

“ADVENTURE BIZARROSOPHY. Experimental and Imaginative Hermeneutic Expeditions in the Science of Psychotherapy.”
Anthology project in the Libri Nigri series published by Traugott Bautz, Nordhausen.
Editors: Martin J. Jandl & Kurt Greiner


Publikationen_Institut-Hermeneut.-TSF-TSD (PDF; in German)


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Univ.-Prof. DDr. Kurt Greiner
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Tel.: +43 1 798 40 98 408

Ass.-Prof. Dr. MMag. Martin Jandl
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