Martina Spitaler-Kerstner


  • Magdolna Cseh
  • Wolfgang Mohl
  • Annemarie Trkmic
  • Barbara Derler-Cresnar
  • Isabelle Crespelle (F)
  • Ian Stuart (GB)
  • Richard Erskine (USA)
  • Camo Moiso (I)
  • Zoran Milivojevic (SL)

Institute for Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy (ITAP) for the method Transactional Analysis

Transactional analysis is characterised by an insightful and creative combination of cognitive and depth-psychologically, psychodynamically oriented psychotherapy. It is also relationship- and communication-oriented and is characterised by gestalt-therapeutic and systemic thought processes and procedures. Integrative and intersubjective approaches are being further developed.
The human being is a self-responsible being who strives for integrity of the individual personality, conscious experiences and self-realisation. Processes of change and learning aim towards awake awareness, spontaneity and the capacity for intimacy.

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