Welcome to the info page on the elective / psychotherapeutic specialisation in “Person-centred psychotherapy”! Thank you for your interest. Here you find information on the method, the admission procedure, the lecturers and the staff at the SFU Outpatient Clinic.




Marietta Winkler, E-mail: winkler@apg-ips.at
Karin Macke, E-mail: macke@apg-ips.at
Susanna Markowitsch, E-mail: office@apg-ips.at

Cooperation Partner APG•IPS

The course with its methodological focus is carried out by the following cooperation partner:

Institute for Person-Centred Studies Working Group for Psychotherapy, Counselling, Supervision and Group Work (APG-IPS) for the method of person-centred psychotherapy according to Carl Rogers.

The Institute for Person-Centred Studies Working Group for Person-Centred Psychotherapy, Counselling, Supervision and Group Work (APG-IPS) has set itself the task of creatively developing the person-centred approach in science, teaching and practice. It emerged from direct cooperation with the founder of person-centred psychotherapy, Carl Rogers, and has been offering person-centred training and further education nationally and internationally since 1969. The APG-IPS is a founding member of the World Association of Person-Centred Psychotherapy (WAPCEPC).

Web: www.apg-ips.at | Contact: office@apg-ips.at


Requirements for the person-centred psychotherapy elective at SFU.


  • 2 admission interviews with a person-centred instructor(s) on the list provided by the course director.
  • a decision seminar
  • Determination of fulfilment of the legal requirements (in particular propaedeutic course and source profession or study or approval by the ministry) and admission as a candidate.

Personal development/self-experience:

  • Total: at least 250 hours, of which:
  • Individual: at least 70 hours externally with a person-centred trainer who is on the list provided by the course director (self-payment).
  • Group: total of at least 115 hours
  • of which two times 50 hours Austria Programme (external)


At least 550 hours, in an institution that is recognised by the Ministry of Health for the subject-specific internship.

Internship reflection/internship supervision:

30 hours in a group setting (optional individual setting with self-payment).

Practice (independent treatment of clients under supervision):

Approval for practical work is given in writing by the head of the elective subject according to the conditions laid down in writing by the APG-IPS and status colloquium.

  • Total: At least 600 hours, of which
  • 300 individual therapy
  • 300 additional hours of either individual therapy or group therapy

Practice reflection/supervision:

  • Total: At least 170 hours of supervision
  • of which at least 40 hours individual or small group supervision of individual therapies

Method-specific theoretical foundations or concepts/theory:

  • Total: At least 300 hours according to training regulations / curriculum.
  • Written paper and final colloquium

Further information:
See the APG-IPS training regulations and the APG-IPS implementation regulations.

Homepage: www.apg-ips.at

General enquiries: Susanna Markowitsch, office@apg-ips.at | Tel.: 01 713 77 96
Contact for admission interviews: Karin Macke, macke@apg-ips.at

Download: Anforderungen PP_2018.pdf


Christian Fehringer
Mail: fehringer@apg-ips.at

Peter Frenzel
Mail: frenzel@apg-ips.at

Renata Fuchs
Mail: fuchs@apg-ips.at

Gabriele Hasler
Mail: hasler@apg-ips.at

Theresia Hollerer
Mail: hollerer@apg-ips.at

Josef Pennauer
Mail: pennauer@apg-ips.at

Andrea Satzinger-Plappart
Mail: satzinger@apg-ips.at



Team at SFU Outpatient Clinic

The following person-centred psychotherapists work at the psychotherapeutic outpatient clinic of Sigmund Freud University Vienna (SFU):

Sibylle Lebeth | (APG•IPS) Group therapist and first interview leader

SFU Outpatient Clinic
Sigmund Freud PrivatUniversität Wien
Salztorgasse 5, 1. Stock
1010 Wien
Tel: +43 1 79 89 400
Email: ambulanz@sfu.ac.at
Web: https://ambulanz.sfu.ac.at/de/