Mission Statement – Psychotherapy Science

The university’s degree programmes blend theory with practical training, self-awareness and comprehensive research activities. Courses are designed to foster exchange between the various psychotherapy schools. By adopting this approach, SFU aims at developing more effective methods of psychotherapeutic treatment.

The university currently offers method-specific trainings in nine different psychotherapy schools. Courses are taught by renowned international academic staff and experts and are offered for both day-time and part-time students.

The practice-oriented course programmes familiarise students with the principles of psycho-biology, the latest findings in brain research, principles of psychiatry and psychology, classification models, comparative psychotherapeutic research, principles of scientific practice, relevant legal aspects, diagnostic assessments and more.


Benefits of studying at Sigmund Freud University:

  • Individual support & mentoring
  • Studying in small groups
  • Personal contact with lecturers
  • Early involvement in research projects
  • Renowned international academic staff and experienced specialists provide high-quality training
  • The teaching of various psychotherapy methods under one roof enables ongoing academic exchange
  • Direct access to patients at the SFU’s Outpatient Clinic + SFU co-operates with a number of hospitals
  • State-of-the-art teaching methods (parts of the theoretical courses are offered via e-learning) ensure time-efficient learning
  • The course contents meet all training requirements for licensed psychotherapists in Austria
  • Courses offered in English or German

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