Faculty – Doctoral Programme Psychotherapy Science

Faculty members

in alphabetical order

Prof. Karl GARNITSCHNIG karl.garnitschnig@univie.ac.at
Prof. Omar GELO omar.gelo@sfu.ac.at
Prof. Kurt GREINER kurt.greiner@sfu.ac.at
Prof. Alfried LÄNGLE alfred@laengle.info
Prof. Alfred PRITZ alfred.pritz@sfu.ac.at
Prof. Martin POLTRUM
Head of the PhD programme
Dr. Erzsebet Fanni TOTH
Coordinator of the PhD programme
Dr. Alfred UHL
Deputy Head of the PhD programme


Distinguished speakers

We are proud to welcome many leading figures of psychotherapy science among our distinguished speakers:

• David Orlinsky – University of Chicago – USA
• Chris Evans – University of Nottingham – United Kingdom
• Denise Defey – Uruguayan Federation of Psychotherapy – Uruguay
• Erhard Mergenthaler – University of Ulm – Germany
• Sergio Salvatore – University of Salento – Italy
• Thomas Schröder – University of Nottingham – United Kingdom
• Prof. James Maddux – George Mason University – USA
• Prof. Girolamo Lo Verso – University of Palermo – Italy
• Marco Casonato – University of Milano-Bicocca – Italy
• Jorg Frommer – University of Magdeburg – Germany
• Sandra Sassaroli – Cognitive Studies – Italy
• Giovanni Maria Ruggero – Cognitive Studies – Italy
• Anastassios Stalikas – Panteion University, Athens – Greece
• Günter Schiepek – Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg – Austria
• Isabel Caro – University of Valencia – Spain


International Collaborations

Collaborating with leading international universities is omnipotent for offering excellent education and research opportunities for our PhD candidates and faculty members. Therefore, Sigmund Freud University collaborates with numerous universities and research institutes around the world by providing joint research programmes and exchange of researchers, teachers and students.

International partners of Sigmund Freud University:
•    York University, Canada
•    Simon Fraser University, Canada
•    Thomas More University,  Belgium
•    Ulm University, Germany
•    Teheran University, Iran
•    Salento University, Italy
•    Catholic University of Milan, Italy
•    Catholic University of Lviv, Ukraine
•    East European Institute of Psychoanalysis
•    Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
•    Aalborg University, Denmark
•    Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg, Austria
•    Uruguayan Federation for Psychotherapy, Uruguay
•    National Research Council in Italy
•    World Council of Psychotherapy
•    Asian Federation of Psychotherapy
•    Members of the SFU University group in Berlin, Paris, Ljubljana and Linz