Student representation – Doctoral programme Psychotherapy Science

Tasks of a student representative

What can a student representative do in an international PhD programme, which has students living in faraway countries?

  • To be a link between the students of the PhD Program and the faculty stuff
  • Go to faculty meetings to be “the voice” of the PhD students
  • If any of the student has any kind of questions they can always contact the student representative
  • Sometimes there are students with new ideas, but they are too shy to say it. Student representative is there to contact. He/she can present the idea to the faculty and stuff
  • Last but not least, having a student representative contributes to the overall success of the PhD programme


PhD student representative: Sara Kuburic

Sara Kuburic holds an M.A. in Counselling Psychology from Trinity Western University (Canada) and a B.Sc. in Psychology from Burman University (Canada). Sara is a Certified Canadian Counsellor and has received training in Existential Analysis. She currently works in her online clinic as an existential psychotherapist and trauma consultant. Sara had spent the last year working as a  trauma specialist consulting NGOs, clinicians, and working in refugee camps.

As a hobby she enjoys photography, traveling, and learning new languages.