Basic course in psychodrama

Duration: 3 semesters
Number of workshops: 9 workshops of 4 days (3 workshops per semester)
Number of training days: 36
Total number of direct training hours in Basic Course:  342 (one training hour equals 45 minutes)

Training elements:

  • screening interviews: 2 hours
  • self-experience (with processing): 144 hours (36 sessions of 4 hours)
  • theory and techniques: 140 hours
  • training for conducting inside the training group (methodology): 40
  • supervision: 10
  • preparing final paper under mentorship of the trainer and paper presentation: 4 hours
  • feedback and orientation session with the trainer: 2 hours

Total number of hours of Basic Course: 342 hours

After successful completion of the basic course, participants are issued the Certificate of the Basic Psychodrama Course.

Curriculum – Basic Course.pdf
Specification of the Curriculum.pdf

Type of activity Duration of activity
1 training hour equals 45 min
Number of activities Total number of training hours

Duration: 3 semesters
Total of 36 training days

Screening interviews 1 hour 2 interviews 2 hours
Self-experience in psychodrama group 4 hours 36 sessions 144 hours
Theory and techniques 10 hours 14 days 140 hours
Training for conducting inside the training group (methodology): 10 hours 4 days 40 hours
Supervision 10 hours during the course 10  hours
Final paper preparation under mentorship of the trainer;  paper presentation 2 hours 2 consultations 4 hours
Feedback and orientation session with the trainer 2 hours 1 session 2 hours
Total number of hours of Basic Course 342 HOURS