Advanced course in psychodrama

Duration: 3 semesters
Number of workshops: 9 workshops of 4 days (3 workshops per semester)
Number of training days: 36
Number of practice hours: 160
Total number of hours in Advanced Course:  585 (one training hour equals 45 minutes)

Training elements:        

  • self-experience (with processing): 144 hours (36 sessions of 4 hours)
  • theory: 60
  • training for conducting inside the advanced training group (methodology): 120
  • 80 hours of supervision (out of which there will be a minimum of 40 hours of supervision of the individual psychodrama trainee or a trainees’ team conducing a group)
  • 10 hours preparation of papers with mentor
  • 5 hours practical final exam
  • 6 hours feedback sessions with trainers and

Psychodrama practice hours: 160 hours (hours of practicing as director or co-director in own practice under supervision. These hours can contain time of the session and if working in couple time of processing with a co-director before and/or after the session)

Trainees are required to apply psychodrama at their work or in another setting through conducing psychodrama for a minimum of 160 hours under supervision. This work should normally take place during the Advanced Course and should not last less than one year.

Total number of training hours of basic and advanced course (6 semesters/three years): 927 hours

After successful completion of the Advanced course participants are issued the Certificate of the Advanced psychodrama course.

Optional: Additional year of the training in accordance with FEPTO requirement of 4 year duration of psychodrama training for the title of Psychodramatist

The additional (4th) year of the training can be added after the completion of the Advanced course. This year would be available for those students that would want to reach Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organizations’ (FEPTO) training standards for the title of Psychodramatist and/or  those students who need additional time to fulfill some of the requirements of the Advanced course (for instance: clinical practice under supervision, self-experience)

 Curriculum – Advanced Course Psychodrama.pdf

Duration: 3 semesters
Total of 36 training days

Self-experience in psychodrama group 4 hours  36 sessions 144 hours
Theory 2 hours  30 lectures 60 hours
Training for conducting inside the advanced training group (methodology): 10 hours  12 days 120 hours
Psychodrama practice hours over the period of minimum one year 160 hours
Supervision continuous during the advanced course 80 hours
Feedback sessions 2 hours 3 sessions 6 hours
Preparing final papers (under mentorship) 2 hours 5 consultations 10 hours
Practical exam 5 hours 1 session 5 hours
Total number of hours Advanced Course 585 HOURS