International Psychodrama Course

Sigmund Freud University welcomes you to the International Psychodrama Course conducted by leading international psychodrama trainers! The course takes place in psychodrama’s birth town of Vienna almost exactly 100 years after it was developed as the first group and action method of psychotherapy by Viennese psychiatrist Dr. Jacob Levy Moreno.

Nowadays, psychodrama is practised by thousands of therapists in more than 100 countries, and has contributed ideas and techniques used in many other forms of psychotherapy as well as in education, human resources, counseling, social sciences and research. Psychodrama was defined by its founder as the science which explores the ’truth’ by dramatic methods. Truth, in Moreno’s definition of psychodrama, is one’s unique perception of the world, of one’s place in that world, and of one’s relationships with the others who co-create that world.

Participants in psychodrama are helped to examine areas of concern, better understand themselves and their history, resolve loss and trauma, overcome fears, improve their relationships, express and integrate blocked thoughts and emotions, practise new skills or prepare for the future. Psychodrama is holistic in the sense that it takes into account the whole person – one’s thoughts, feelings, behaviour, physical being, relationships, social context and history as integral dimensions of individual’s well-being.

The International psychodrama course offers its participants:

  • Self-experience through the method of psychodrama
  • Theoretical education in the main concepts of psychodrama and group psychotherapy
  • Training in usage of psychodrama action techniques and developing skills for conducting action work with groups and individuals
  • Lecturing, training and supervision by most prominent international trainers

Course duration:

International Psychodrama Course at SFU is divided into Basic course and Advanced course – each course lasts three semesters. In each semester participants attend three workshops. After graduation from Basic and Advanced Psychodrama Courses there will be a possibility for continuation of the training in psychodrama, for two more semesters, that would lead participants to acquisition of the title of Psychodramatist in accordance with the training standards of the Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organizations (FEPTO).
Start of the Basic International Psychodrama Course: Summer term 2018


all those who have completed 3 years of studies in social sciences/humanities or have obtained equivalent work experience in psychosocial field within different organizations are eligible to apply for the course. If you study or have graduated as a teacher, a social worker, a psychologist or you are an activist in the field of human rights, mental health and psychosocial programs or you are engaged in human resources and organizational development this course will assist you to improve your performance, enrich your work with new perspectives and techniques, assist you to cope with burn out and will empower you as professional in your field. If you discover that this inspiring and effective approach to human problems and personality growth would be your long lasting professional choice the Basic course will prepare you for the further training towards the title of Psychodramatist in accordance with the FEPTO training standards.


  • Enrolment fee: € 500,- (non-refundable)
  • Tuition fee “Basic Course”: total € 4.950,- or € 1.650,- per semester
  • Tuition fee “Advanced Course”: total € 6.600,- or € 2.200,- per semester